Cotton L’il Baby Chaps™ Solid Colors

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Cotton chap-style split pants for easy potty learning. Pants made for easy elimination communication with a diaper on top when needed. Made in the USA.


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100% Cotton

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .3 in

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2 reviews for Cotton L’il Baby Chaps™ Solid Colors

  1. Casey

    I LOVE these pants. They make it SO easy for diaper changes. You can diaper right over them, and the baby can sit right on the potty while still wearing them. They don’t work so well under disposable diapers (which my parents use when they keep my son) because they tend not to get changed right away and there is a tendency to wick wetness into the pants. But under cloth, when you change as soon as the baby goes, they’re perfect!

  2. Ryan

    Unfortunately, these seem to be offered only in 1 size (“3 months”) and no further information is given. I have been very happy with ECwear’s other products, but here I think we missed the mark. They are way, way too small for our (admittedly ‘ahead of schedule large’) boy. I wish some measurements were included, or at least a bit more detail on fit.

    But from a construction and materials standpoint, these seem very high quality. Soft but sturdy, with reinforced stiching and quality elastic. The concept is also important, as EC veterans know. Like most things in the world of baby-rearing, you won’t use it forever, but for that time you do use it, you’ll love it.

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