Privacy Notice

EC Wear LLC respects your privacy and will never rent, sell, or trade any of your personal information. We will not disclose your information unless necessary to process and ship your order (for example, to a manufacturer, if drop-shipping your order, or to the Postal Service or customs) or as required by law.

Like most online stores, the EC Wear website uses “cookies” to store items in your shopping cart on your computer, which allows me to see what items are put into shopping carts. If you are logged in, I will be able to see the items and see that the shopping cart belongs to you. This is very helpful if you have a problem processing your order. This also allows for analysis of what products are most popular and which ones people start to purchase but don’t, which helps me see if there is a problem with the setup of the product. Customers who are not logged in will appear as anonymous shoppers in the administration panel. This is true of almost all online retailers but I feel it is important to disclose this.

EC Wear uses Google Analytics to track and record aggragate data on which links internet viewers are coming from, and the traffic flow patterns within the site, but does not track or record personal identification data. (For example, I could see that 80% of people viewing the split pants page during a certain week click the link to the L’il Baby Chaps product page. But I do not know which people.)

EC Wear never sees or collects your credit card number other than the last four digits and type of card (Visa, American Express, etc.) Online payments are processed via Simplify Commerce or You do not need an account with Simplify Commerce or Paypal to use these credit card processing services. The exeption to this of course, would be if you call, or provide me your credit card number in person. After a manual payment is processed the note with your credit card number is placed into my worm composting bin where it becomes soil for our organic vegetable garden. It doesn’t get any more secure than that!

Paypal’s privacy policy is available here.