EC Support Communities Online

If you can’t find a local real-life support group near you (and you are not ready to start one!) you can find many parents online who love EC and are willing to help each other succeed.  Here are a few:

Diaper Free Baby offers free Local EC Groups hosted by Go Diaper Free Certified Coaches.

Facebook has many groups for EC’ers and Pages for EC-related businesses as well as natural parenting support groups that include talk about elimination communication and non-coercive potty training in their regular discussions. Some of the places on Facebook where you can find experienced EC’ers participating and willing to answer questions include:

Elimination Communication Yahoo Group. A busy online discussion and support group with over 2,000 members. Elimination Communication Forum This group is not as busy as it used to be when Mothering was still publishing the magazine, but the archives are easily searchable, so you can see how people have answered similar questions to yours in the past, and there are still people actively posting there.

There are also subgroups on many other online parenting forums, where you may find others beginning EC with lots of questions.