EC Wear is Eco-Friendly

EC Wear is committed to minimizing our environmental impact in every aspect of our business. We offer a variety of fabrics based on what is available to a small manufacturer in the open market. We seek organic and eco-friendly suppliers.

For our line of practical clothing for elimination communication, we source domestic materials and manufacture them locally. The small family-owned sewing facility is less than an hour drive from my home-based business. Most apparel sold in the United States is manufactured cheaply in third-world countries that exploit their employees and the environment. We refuse. We believe that sustainability means minimizing the carbon footprint of every step in our manufacturing process.

We use cotton, organic cotton, fleece, recycled fleece, natural undyed wool that is Oeko-Tex 100 certified to be free of residual chemicals, and ecoPUL™which is made with a wet cure adhesive that is solvent-free and environmentally friendly, all made in the USA. We plan to continue to add more options to our line including more organic cotton colors and recycled fleece colors.

We look to the environment in every choice in the running of the business down to buying 100% recycled paper for printing. We recycle our fabric scraps by using them for other projects, including donating them to a school art department, and we compost or recycle most of our paper and other waste. We make the most green choices possible for shipping. We are constantly striving to be as green, sustainable, and regenerative as possible and invite you to contact us with any suggestions for improvement.