Natural Wool rECtangle™

A wool diaper cover to use with a diaper belt- designed for convenience for elimination communication.

Two layers of soft undyed wool create the perfect diaper cover for Elimination Communication, giving a balance of waterproofing protection while allowing a caretaker to feel the warmth and dampness of a diaper that needs changing, and the convenience of changing a diaper quickly and easily. Ideal for naps or carseat.

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EC Wear brings you cute and practical clothes for your baby or toddler — which are easy to use for Elimination Communication and Potty Training.

EC Wear specializes in split crotch pants, diaper belts, training pants, and other practical baby clothing for Elimination Communication (also known as EC, Natural Infant Hygiene, or Diaper Free Baby).

Whether you are practicing Elimination Communication full-time, part-time, or still thinking about it, you will appreciate quick and easy diaper changes using clothing from EC Wear.

All our baby clothing and accessories are selected for ease of use and meet high environmental and labor standards. All our baby and toddler clothing is either fair trade organic and/or Made in USA. All EC Wear brand specialty clothing for Elimination Communication is made in USA.

Diaper Belts

A diaper belt is the most popular must-have item for easy diaper changes and potty visits. Available in wool, fleece, or cotton.

"When it comes to EC-friendly diapering options, diaper belts, also called prefold belts, are about as cheap and simple as it gets." —Natural Parents Network 

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