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About Diaper Belts

If you want the simplest diaper backup while practicing elimination communication, which are really easy to remove for pottying or to change in case of a miss, there is nothing better than a diaper belt to hold a cloth diaper on your baby.

Toddler wearing prefold belt
Toddler wearing prefold belt

A diaper belt is used instead of pins or plastic fasteners, to hold a diaper in  place. The diaper belt keeps a cloth diaper on ‘sumo-wrestler’ style by tucking a diaper, which has been folded into a rectangle shape, into the belt at the front and back of your baby.

You can use a diaper belt without a diaper cover for easy awareness of when the diaper is wet, which allows a caregiver to make a cue sound and talk to the child about it, and to quickly change the diaper.  Or, you can add a waterproof diaper cover right on top of the prefold and the diaper belt, when you want the added protection for furniture, carseat, or caregiver clothing.

To change a wet diaper on a standing child, you can simply pull the wet diaper out from the diaper belt, and then tuck a folded prefold diaper into the front of the belt, pull the diaper between your child’s legs and then tuck it the back. Or if its easier, such as when holding a young baby, you can tuck the back side in when you are holding your baby up to your chest.

Many toddlers hate laying down for diaper changes, and parents hate the power struggle. Diaper belts effortlessly remove that obstacle and make diaper changes quick and easy.

diaper belt holds a prefold diaper securely in place
Diaper belt holds a prefold diaper securely in place

Diaper belts work great for infants and busy toddlers, during the day or at night. Sometimes called prefold belts, because most people use them with prefold diapers, these belts can hold on any flat diaper or even any old towel or receiving blanket folded into a rectangle shape.

This is the most popular cloth diapering system among EC’ing familes because it is so fast and easy.

Diaper belts are typically made of wool, cotton, or fleece.

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