Wool EC clothing

Wool EC clothing is highly sought after by parents embracing an organic natural lifestyle. Of all fabrics, wool has the least environmental impact as it utilizes the least water and other inputs into growing the fibers, and when produced in a permaculture setting, the production of wool can even have a healing impact on the land.

Beyond wool’s eco-friendly bonafides, most ECing moms who choose wool love it for its properties. Wool dries quickly and stays warm even when it gets wet, and when wool is properly lanolized it is self-cleaning, which means you can use the clothing for longer periods between washing.

Click here to learn about washing and lanolizing wool clothing for elimination communication.

Read on to learn about EC Wear wool clothing options for elimination communication.

burgundy wool Split Pants

EC Wear Split Pants made of wool are a popular choice among parents practicing elimination communication and other natural parenting practices.  During diaper free-time there are occasional misses, and the wool will absorb a small one. Wool is a breathable, natural fabric that keeps your baby warm in winter.

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Re-Ewes Split Pants

Re-Ewes™ Split Pants are made from repurposed wool sweaters. What a great way to continue the eco-friendly benefits of your EC practice by repurposing an unneeded garment into a new, useful pair of split pants for easy EC’ing even when layering up for cold weather.

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wool diaper beltsWool is our preferred fabric choice for diaper belts. Moms and Dads love the qualities of wool for EC clothing. Wool is naturally water-repellent, especially when lanolized.  Because of its unique properties, a wool diaper belt or wool split pants can be used several times between washings because lanolized wool has self-cleaning properties.

Unfamiliarity with how to wash wool is a concern people sometimes have when considering whether to buy baby clothing made of wool. Read our instructions for washing wool to see how simple it is.

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Wool rECtangle™ diaper covers are an economical wool diaper cover that are simple to use for elimination communication. Offering all the benefits of wool diaper covers including breathability, water-repellent, staying warm when wet, and made of natural fibers, our rECtangles™ are the easiest wool diaper cover to use for your elimination communication journey.

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L'il Baby Chaps burgundy wool

L’il Baby Chaps™ made from wool are delightful. When you put a diaper on top of L’il Baby Chaps, sometimes the edges of the pants can get wet in an accident, but wool stays warm and breathable even when wet, and dries quickly.

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If you are unsure how to wash wool, please read our guide to washing and lanolizing wool. It is easier than you might think.