Washing wool EC Clothing

If you have a bad memory of shrinking a favorite wool sweater in the dryer, you may be nervous about caring for wool baby clothing or EC gear. But don’t worry, it is really easy.

The trick is to just wash them by hand and hang to dry. You’ll simply fill a small washbasin or bowl with lukewarm water and pour in a dash of wool wash. Hold your diaper belt under until it soaks up water, then swish it around in the water gently by hand a few times. Lift it out and gently squeeze the water out. If needed, repeat this a few times.

Avoid using water that is very cold or very hot because not only would that be uncomfortable for your hands, it will cause the wool to tighten up and shrink.

When finished washing, gently squeeze most of the water out with your hands, and hang it up to dry on your towel rack or garment drying rack.

[etsy links to wool washes] [future link to downloadable instructions for making wool wash.)