Re-Ewes™ wool split pants

Wool is popular for cloth diapering because it dries quickly, is a breathable natural fiber, is renewable and sustainable, and when lanolized is self-cleaning when it comes in contact with urine for several uses.

A ewe is a word for a female sheep. Its pronounced like “you” so Re-Ewes is a play on words which is pronounced like “re-use” and that is exactly what we do to make these wool pants. Each pair is handmade from a carefully selected thrift store sweater made from 100% wool. Like all EC Wear products, our Re-Ewes Split Pants are Eco-Friendly.

“These wool baby pants are terrific for elimination communication, keeping your baby warm during diaper-free time for baby and caregiver to gain awareness of elimination patterns.” —Tribal Baby 

“We love them.” —Natural Birth and Baby Care 

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