Thigh Socks

How to Use Thigh Socks

baby in Rock-a-Thigh Baby Thigh Socks
A customer sent in this photo of her little one wearing Chunky Monkey Rock-a-Thigh Baby Thigh Socks.

Thigh socks are long socks that stay on, keeping your baby warm and comfortable, and protecting crawling, active knees.  And they are not in the way when its time for a diaper change or a trip to the potty.

Baby legwarmers are popular for Elimination Communication or conventional potty training. Yet customers often complain that they need socks AND legwarmers, and the socks often fall off.  An EC’ing mom discovered Rock-a-Thigh Baby thigh socks. They are legwarmers and socks combined.  Rock-a-Thigh Baby socks look cute, and are practical and eco-friendly.