L'il Baby Chaps™

FinnNOClbcOur L’il Baby Chaps are perfect for Elimination Communication or cloth diapering, L’il Baby Chaps can be worn with a diaper or snap training pants, or without for “diaper-free” time. Like all our products, L’il Baby Chaps are Eco-Friendly.

“When out and about, a few people even commented on cleverness — they saw the advantage even with non-EC — what better way to show off those pretty cloth diaper covers!? ” —Diaper Free…The Other Side of the Moon.

“They are super cute and allowed my son to have warmth on his legs, while still being able to practice communicating his potty needs with me.” —The Other Baby Blog

Learn more about using L’il Baby Chaps and other split pants in our EC Clothing Guide.

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