Four kinds of clothing for easy Elimination Communication:

rECtangle on baby

Baby wearing rECtangle and matching chaps.

The rECtangle by EC Wear is the perfect solution for diaper backup while practicing Elimination Communication with a diaper belt and prefold or flat cloth diaper. When you need to go to the store or Grandma wants to hold the baby, no need to change your baby into a different diaper. Just add a rECtangle on top by tucking it into the diaper belt. When you’re wearing your baby, rECtangles give just the protection you need to keep your shirt and carrier from getting wet if you miss a cue!

We know cloth diapers are good for our baby and the earth. rECtangles are diaper covers designed to make cloth diapering super easy. No more hesitating to take your baby to the potty because it is too big of an effort to undress her. With an EC Wear rECtangle and a diaper belt, pottying is so quick and easy there’s no reason not to give it a try whenever you think your baby needs to go.

Simply tuck in a rECtangle over a tri-folded prefold diaper, into a diaper belt sumo-wrestler style. When its time for a potty visit, you can release the front or the back of the diaper, leaving the prefold and rECtangle cover hanging, allowing you to quickly tuck the diaper back in when finished. For a diaper change, simply tug the diaper and rECtangle out of the diaper belt, and use a fresh clean diaper. The rECtangle can be used multiple times before needing a wash.

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