EC Wear sells easy-to-use baby and toddler clothing to families practicing Elimination Communication.

You work hard taking care of your baby. We know how much love and dedication it takes to be a nurturing, responsive parent. We want to support you in your parenting journey, and save you time, effort, and stress.

Why make things difficult with clothes designed for infrequent changing of babies in disposable diapers? EC Wear clothing makes responding to your child’s pottying needs quick and easy. Our EC Clothing Guide explains how the right clothing makes your Elimination Communication practice easier.

EC Wear was opened in 2008 by Marija Mikolajczak, an EC’ing work-at-home-mom, to sell a full range of clothing for Elimination Communication: split crotch pants, training pants, real shirts (not “onesies”), elastic-waist pants, and other baby and toddler clothing that would make diaper changes and potty visits quick and easy.  Marija was an environmental and workers’ rights activist and a union organizer prior to becoming a mother, and her dedication to those concerns has shaped the commitment to sustainability practiced by EC Wear’s entire operations.

EC Wear is an online store where you can find convenient clothing for Elimination Communication that reflects the following values:

  1. All clothing sold at EC Wear is made in the USA or fair-trade. You see where each shirt, training pant, or other article of clothing is made so you can feel good knowing that nobody was exploited in sewing your baby’s clothes.
  2. EC Wear supports small businesses and the local economy. We have supported work-at-home-mom seamstresses and work-at-home-mom made clothing from the beginning, and we source third-party products from small and medium-size businesses as much as possible.
  3. EC Wear has ended retail of most products made by other companies, and has shifted focus onto manufacturing our own line of specialty clothing for Elimination Communication, We have carefully chosen a small family-run, local sewing contractor to produce L’il Baby Chaps™, rECtangles™ and other EC Wear brand clothing with high quality and integrity.
  4. We offer a variety of fabric choices to meet different needs and budgets, and offering organic clothing is a high priority. EC Wear strives to bring you a selection of clothing in natural fibers including organic cotton, wool, and hemp, which have the least possible negative impact on our environment.
  5. We are committed to running an eco-friendly and sustainable business. We use recycled and repurposed office supplies, equipment, and furniture, and prioritize the environment in our green shipping practices. Of course we also recycle (or compost) virtually all waste generated in business operations.

We make it easy for you to shop for the practical baby clothing you need to keep your baby warm, dry, and snuggled close to you, without having to worry about making ethical buying decisions.  We know new parents don’t have time to spend researching every single product they want to buy. So you can shop here with confidence, knowing that anything you buy at EC Wear is sweatshop free and eco-friendly.  If you have any questions about EC Wear, or need help selecting easy EC clothing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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