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Black Argyle 12-18 months Re-Ewes™ wool split pants


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Each pair of Re-Ewes Split Pants (pronounced like “re-use”) is made by hand by Marija’s mother Lil. Made in USA of a re-purposed thrift store sweater.

Because each sweater is unique, each pair of Re-Ewes is unique, too.

This pair is from an argyle sweater and is solid black on the back of the legs and the front has an argyle (diamond shaped pattern) in black, grey, white, and burgundy. Medium thickness. Medium has a waist of 16-19″ and fits equivalent to 12-18 months size. Each pair varies slightly in length: this pair is 18″ long. The legs are cut slim so they would be great for layering.

We recommend hand-washing and lanolizing your Re-Ewes split pants to take advantage of wool’s water-repellent and self-cleaning abilities.

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Burgundy, Black, Gray, White



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