The following blogs are written by families that practice elimination communication and blog about it.  EC is not always the central topic of the blog, but it is nice to read how EC fits into the lives of these families.

To add a blog to this list, please send us the URL and a brief description.

  • A Real Housewife of NYC.  Blog of a New York City first-time mom who is practicing eco-living and sustainability, as well as attachment parenting and EC.
  • Diaper Free: The Other Side of the Moon  Blog of a 37 year old mom who works part time while supporting and practicing home birth, baby led solids, baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding beyond the first year, and gentle parenting.
  • Diaper Trials The blog of a mother EC’ing her second child.
  • Hobo Mama A blog about natural parenting by writer and mother Lauren Wayne.
  • “resources for reproductive health and parenting” including a section on Elimination Communication.
  • Natural Birth and Baby Care This site covers natural parenting topics including pregnancy, birth, homebirth, and elimincation communication– includes a detailed list of pottying positions.
  • Natural Parents Network  “A community of natural-minded parents and parents-to-be where you will be informed, empowered, and inspired.”
  • Peaceful Parenting  An extensive blog devoted to education on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, circumcision, and other topics.
  • Pottytunity Knocks  A new blog started by a first-time mom practicing Elimination Communication (EC) and blogging about her “earthy-crunchy-granola family.”
  • Progressive Pioneer  Amy Thompson shares her “experiences with urban homesteading, natural family living, being an LDS mom, bee keeping, attachment parenting, raw food and whole food cooking, yoga practicing, urban chicken “farming,” unschooling and whatever else is inspiring me.”
  • Raising Crunchy Kids  Birth doula, breastfeeding counselor, mother of two, and self-proclaimed “crunchy” mama of two, whose “passion and purpose is not only to raise up strong crunchy children but also to support and empower women”, includes in her blog about practicing EC with her younger child.
  • Sew Liberated This blog by a designer and seamstress includes beautiful photos of her montessori toys and home decor as well as her sewing projects, and occasional updates on EC with her son.
  • The New Mommy Files:  Memories, Milestones, and Missteps  A Montessori teacher taking time off from work to raise a new family on a tropical island.
  • Tribal Baby  Tons of content about elimination communication and other natural parenting practices, such as hypnobirthing, babywearing, co-sleeping, and baby-led solids, plus great gentle sleeping tips.

In Spanish:

  • Aprendiendo a Ser  A blog written in Spanish about natural parenting. “Crianza con Apego, Educación Casera, Unschooling, Lactancia, Crianza en Brazos, Comunicación de la Eliminación (CE) o Higiene Natural Infantil, etc.”
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